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Every step from the production of fibers To weaving All are produced in Thailand, one hundred percent. The special fibers used are made of acrylic mixed with chemicals. Before producing it into a yarn called Solution-dyed Acrylic, which is resistant to sunlight. And the salinity from the sea Providing long lasting color Guarantee the quality of use for at least 5 years and is also easy to maintain. Just use a damp cloth to gently wipe off the dirt.



This tropical pattern fabric stands out from the selection of yarn colors that are in contrast to light-toned fabrics to be suitable for general use. Which Mr. Sarayuth has picked up the color tone obtained from natural color without modification Combined with embroidery with the technique of patterning or pattern overlapping without making the line stand too prominent Which, in this technique, helps to make the pattern of plants, flowers and leaves look dense Dimensional like a tropical forest with really rich tropical vegetation.

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