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Homework fabrics brand from Gold House Decor has launched new collection of anti-viral textiles with Amicor fibre. This collection is for both home and hospitatality curtains available in wide range of colours and designs. The fabrics contain Amicor fibre and have high level of efficacy against SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19) virus, tested as per ISO 18184:2019 standards. 
The results showed a kill rate of 99.96% of the viruses in just 15 seconds. Our anti-viral fibre which is specially engineered by incorporating additives into the core of the fibre. The fibre has shown its effectiveness against bacteria, fungi and lately against viruses.

  • Anti-viral additive is inside the fibre core which gives long lasting functionality

  • Additive keeps on replenishing from the core reservoir to the surface

  • Zone of inhibition is maintained for much longer time

Long Lasting Efficacy

  • Our fibre are manufactured using an intelligent fibre technology where the anti-microbial additive is incorporated in the core of the fibre

  • Anti-microbial efficacy of AmicorTm has been shown to be maintained even after 100 washes

  • As compared to tropical finishes that don't last very long, Curtains,Upholstery and Masks made with our Anti-viral will protect against microbes throughout their life time

Risk of Infections run deep in our Society

Anti-Bacterial Efficacy

Anti-Fungal Efficacy

Anti-Viral Efficacy

  • Numerous tests on fabrics with Amicor™ have confirmed reduction of bacteria by 99.99%

  • Even 20%-30% content of Amicor™ fibre resulted in excellent bacteriostatic (growth-inhibiting) and bactericidal (bacteria-killing) actions against Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae

  • Amicor™ fibre has shown strong resistance against the growth of various fungi

  • Tests of Amicor™ fibre against Aspergillus brasiliensis, Penicillium funicolsum and Trichoderma virens, have shown no growth of these fungi as per ASTM G21-15 test protocol

  • Recent tests have Amicor™ to be effective against SARS-Covid-2 Virus

  • Fabrics with 50% Amicor™ content tested as per ISO 18184:2019 standard showed reduction in the number of infective virus particles by 99% in only 18 seconds.



​It has been tested according to standards from leading institutes around the world and officially certified by specialized testing institutes.

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